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Am I Pregnant?
 - Maybe your period is a couple days late. Or, maybe you took a home pregnancy test and it’s positive. What do you do now?

How Do I Know If I'm Pregnant?
Grace Elliott Center is happy to know that life can be brought into this world. We want to help you know and understand the manner.

Here are many ways to know the steps.

What do I do if I'm Pregnant?
 - We understand that an unplanned pregnancy can create many different emotions and a lot of things to consider. Deciding between parenting, adoption and abortion can fell overwhelming. Our professional counselors are here to provide the emotional support you need as you sort through what this means for you. 

What are my Next Steps?
 - Your Grace Elliott Center counselor will help you process and plan your next steps related to parenting or adoption.

Parenting means carrying the pregnancy to term, then raising your child. At Grace Elliott Center, we can talk through your questions and feelings about this possibility. If you want more information and support we can help connect you with Grace Elliott Center programs and community resources that help young women who are parenting.
Adoption means carrying the pregnancy to term, then choosing another family to care for and raise your child. There are different types of adoption and you can choose who the adoptive parents will be and remain in contact with the child, if you want to. A Grace Elliott Center counselor can answer questions and provide you with adoption information. We can also provide referrals to community adoption agencies.

Grace Elliott Center has no formal affiliations with any adoption agencies or programs.

Abortion means terminating the pregnancy. There are several types of abortion procedures. If you are thinking about abortion your Grace Elliott Center counselor can help you process your thoughts and feelings about this decision and what it might mean for you. Abortion is a medical procedure. Grace Elliott Center does not perform abortions or refer directly to abortion providers. 

How may the Grace Elliott Center Help you?